Protect your's data with redundant cloud backups.

You do have backups, right? Yeah, we thought so. Backups are a good thing, but they're tedious to configure and monitor. We've all heard the stories (and possibly experienced them) about some poor soul losing valuable data because the time wasn't invested in a working backup system — or worse, false security was placed in a backup system that was unreliable.

Given how critical backups are, our goal for the Backup Service was ambitious: to create a completely managed, reliable and highly available system, that's easy to use (set-it-and-forget-it), affordable, and "just works".

One-click managed cloud backups

One click is all it takes to enroll your in the backup service and to start protecting your data. We manage the entire system, from making sure our backup boxes are healthy, to monitoring for failures.


A backup strategy for any situation

Three backup slots are executed and rotated automatically: a daily backup, a 2-7 day old backup, and an 8-14 day old backup. A fourth backup slot is available for on-demand backups.

Configurable backup window

You can configure when automatic backups are initiated from a list of 2 hour windows, allowing you to perform any database dumps before the backup occurs.

Ensure your data is protected today

The Backup Service can be activated instantly and runs completely independent of your's software stack. No installation or configuration required. It's that simple.

Plans are priced according to the plan you'd like the Backup Service added to. 1GB
Backup Service 2GB
Backup Service 4GB
Backup Service 8GB
Backup Service
$2.50 / mo

$0.004 per hour

$5 / mo

$0.008 per hour

$10 / mo

$0.015 per hour

$20 / mo

$0.03 per hour 16GB
Backup Service 32GB
Backup Service 48GB
Backup Service 64GB
Backup Service 96GB
Backup Service
$40 / mo

$0.06 per hour

$80 / mo

$0.12 per hour

$120 / mo

$0.18 per hour

$160 / mo

$0.24 per hour

$200 / mo

$0.30 per hour


The backup system must be able to mount your filesystem. The backup system operates on files, not at the block level.

A failed backup will never rotate out a good one. If a backup fails on the day of a weekly backup, the next oldest backup will be used for that weekly slot.

Files that have been modified, but are the same length and without any metadata changes will not be considered changed during a subsequent incremental backup. ACLs and extended attributes are NOT tracked.