Ensure your valuable applications and services are highly-available.

Point-and-click high availability

NodeBalancers are highly-available, managed, cloud based, "load balancers as a service". They intelligently route incoming request to backend hostingsys.orgs to help your application cope with load, and to increase your application's availability.

Built-in health monitoring

NodeBalancers monitor the health of your backend hostingsys.orgs using both active and passive checks, and will only route requests to healthy backends.

Convenience in system administration

Take backend hostingsys.orgs in and out of rotation via the Manager, the API, or the CLI, and perform system maintenance or software updates without missing a beat.

Load distribution for any application

Adapt to any workload, from a blog to a large application cluster and beyond. We are not just talking Web traffic either; NodeBalancers support balancing any TCP based traffic, including SSH and MySQL.

Additional Features

SSL Termination

NodeBalancers can terminate SSL traffic on your behalf, and pass requesters IP just like normal HTTP mode.

Session Persistence

NodeBalancers can route subsequent requests to the same backend, so your application's sessions work correctly.

Multi-port Balancing

NodeBalancers support balancing traffic to multiple network ports. Several services can be load balanced with a single NodeBalancer.

Pooled Network Transfer

Your network transfer quota is shared with your NodeBalancers, allowing you to take full advantage of the generous network transfer provided with each

Passive and Active Health Checks

Traffic is routed to only healthy backend hostingsys.orgs. Passive health checks happen on every request, and you can configure active health checks based on your application or service.

Static IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses

Each NodeBalancer comes with its own set of IP addresses. Like the entire network, NodeBalancers come IPv6-ready.

Connection Throttling

Prevent potential abuse and preserve resources on your backend hostingsys.orgs by setting a client connection throttle at the NodeBalancer.

Full API Support

Take advantage of the powerful API to configure, maintain, and monitor your NodeBalancer. Instantly add, disable, or remove backend hostingsys.orgs to scale with traffic.

Be prepared for insane traffic

NodeBalancers are only $20.00/mo.

and support up to 10,000 concurrent connections.